About us in english

general informations

At work in almost every community, country or town, East and West. Useful, ubiquitous, meaningful, modern - this is what the organisation is all about!

The German Young Firefighter Association (DJF) was founded in Berlin in 1964 as the youth organisation of the German Fire Services Association (DFV). Already decades ago there were a few youth fire brigades in Germany. The first group was established in 1885 on the Frisian island Föhr.

Dates and facts:

  • public recognized, nonprofit youth organisation
  • 245.000 members at the age of 10 to 18 years
  • 18.100 youth fire brigades

Organisation chart:

  • voluntary federal youth direction
  • central office in berlin - with six full time employees
  • seven special committees - including the federal youth forum and the editorial office of the organisation magazine "Lauffeuer"
  • 16 countries with their youth fire organisations

exchange programs

International meetings and exchanges of youth fire brigades is an important component of the german young fire services. The central office in Berlin is the contact location for the particular projects. There you will get assistance for planning an exchange and how to get financial support.

Today we have partnerships with the youth fire services from Poland, The Czech Republic, France, Russia and Finland. The program includes youth exchanges and meetings of group leaders. During these events the participants learn about each others culture, the country and the fire system.